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VASA is the result of the union of several professionals from the fields of Sociology, Statistics, Market Research, Marketing, Sales and Communication.

We love to help you achieve your marketing goals and grow your business. Our focus, as well as yours, is on the CUSTOMER. Our purpose is to help you build an extraordinary experience for your customers.

We started in the world of Research in early 90s and since then we have been working for spanish and international companies based in Spain that are leaders of their sectors. 

In the last 10 years we added marketing and communication services that helped us to develop our international career working with companies based in Spain, UE and LATAM where we are dedicated to provide a great and professional service.


Our objective is to continue building our reputation in the design and creation of programs that offer visible improvements in the performance of a wide range of products and services.


Salomé Royuela Arce
Co-Founder & CEO
Vanesa Couto 
Co-Founder & CMO

Qualitative and Quantitative Analyst in the Social, Political and Market fields. More than 25 years working with Clients in Spain, EU and LATAM.

Experienced Strategy and Insights manager with a long history of working in the private and public sector.

"Strength, Resilience, Fairness" 

More than 15 years in Marketing and Communication working for a large amount of companies from a variety of industries like hospitality, beverages, health & wellness, beauty, editorial, logistics and retail. 
Her innate curiosity and her integral view of the business combines the capacity to manage operational skills with strategic analysis.​

"Be Different. Be Yourself. Keep Going"

Mobile: +34 660 395 442

E-mail: salome.royuela@vasamkt.com

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Mobile: +34 655 141 432 

E-mail: vanesa.couto@vasamkt.com

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We are governed by the Ethics & Standars Code of MSPA. You can read it here.

Why choose us?


More than 25 years in the research world. 


We are committed from the beginning to our clients and their projects. 


We have the flexibility to adapt to each client, market or audience.



We offer reliable analysis based on solid sources. 


​VASA is the result of the union of professionals from different disciplines: Sociology, Statistics, Market Research, Marketing, Sales and Communication.


We love what we do. 

We are much more than researchers and data collectors.

We are specialized consultants

with integral view of the business.

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