Mystery Retail

We audit your physical stores  

How does it work?

We capture the most suitable profiles based on the project or the target that the client requests from us. 


The shopper receives an integral formation where we work the non-verbal language, the ritual of the sale, the evaluation of the characteristics of the establishment.


The objective is to obtain a detailed and objective photograph of the service received


All the measurements have a qualitative aspect of perception of the purchasing experience and a quantitative evaluation with the measurement of the objective elements to be measured. 


Remember that...


Through our personalized dashboards you will be able to visualize the information in real time.

You will have exclusive and confidential access to the results.


At the end of the campaign, our team of specialists will send you a report with the analysis of the results and the proposals for improvement, being able to draw up a strategy and the appropriate action plan to comply with these proposals. 

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